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Free European Roulette


Our Free European Roulette game is a perfect recreation of the popular casino game.

Our European Roulette game gives you a fast, fun and free way to learn how to be an expert at Roulette and put your gambling systems to the test. No downloading required - play right now in your internet browser!

Starting Credits: 1000

Maximum Bet: 1000

Table Features: 36 numbers, single zero

House Edge: 1/37 or 2.70%

How to play European Roulette: European Roulette is a game anyone can pick up and play within seconds. Players attempt to guess in which of the pockets the ball wil land when the wheel has finished spinning. A number of different bet types are available divided into two groups: Inside bets (the individual numbers 1 - 36) and Outside bets (the various options around the grid of individual numbers including black/red, odd/even etc) First select your chip(s) value from 1 to 50 and then click on the table where you would like to place to your bet(s), when you've made your selections click the "spin" button to start the action.

European Roulette Strategy: We recommend playing European Roulette rather than American Roulette as you have a greater chance of winning due to there being only one zero pocket. Never forget that Roulette is a fairly straight forward game of chance in which the house always has the advantage.